donderdag 8 november 2012

What's in my shower : Fall/winter

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to share what is in my shower!

As you can see on this picture, I keep all of my shower products in this cute basket.

I have this delicious shower gel from The Body Shop. It is from their fall/winter line and it is called Spiced Vanilla. I love the scent!

This scrub is from the brand Pure Coconut Oil. I really like it, because I love coconut and the scrub it not too drying.

I love the products from Lush! Especially this Daddy-O shampoo. It cleans my hair really well and keeps my blonde hair shiny.

I bought this Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush last year. It smells super sweet. Snow Fairy is from their fall/winter collection and is now available.

This last soap is also from Lush and it's called Angels Delight. It is also in their fall/winter collection. I adore this scent, it is really suitable for this time of year.

I love changing things up with the season! Don't you?
What's in your shower?