dinsdag 20 november 2012

French skincare: Wish list

Hi ladies,

France is known for their fantastic skincare, especially the french pharmacy skincare products. 
These brands are specially chosen to be sold in a pharmacy. So, these brands are really good ones for a great price. Obviously, Mariska and I really want go to a French pharmacy while we are in Paris!

I started researching (check out the links below) about the different brands and their products. The following products are definitely on my wish list!

Nuxe huile prodigieuse
This is an oil that you can use on your skin or in your hair. It's one of Nuxe's best sellers. There's also one with gold glitter!

Nuxe baume levres
This is a matte lip balm and was recommended on many websites. Its also one of their bestsellers.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
This creme can be used for many purposes, e.g. repair mask, baby lotion, after shave, to remove make-up,... 
It was recommended on many websites as well.

What would you get if you were going to a French pharmacy?
Do you have any recommendations?


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