donderdag 22 november 2012

To do in Paris!

Hi ladies,
I wanted to share with you what we're going to do in Paris.

Galaries Lafayette
This is a French department store. I chose a picture form the internet with christmas decorations, because I think everything will be decorated when we go. 

City Pharma
This Pharmacy was recommended by Lisa Eldridge, because they have dicounted prices and special offers. 

When you go to Paris, you must buy some macarons! 

This is another department store in Paris. Hopefully this will be decorated as well :)

Avenue des Champs-Élysées
This is THE shopping street of Paris. There are all kinds of shops here, from high street to high end.

La Tour Eiffel
And of course we are also going to the Eiffel tower! 

What would you do if you were going to Paris for a day?