dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Weekly make-up basket: 16 jan

Hi ladies!
After finishing my project pan, I decided to do weekly make-up baskets. This idea was inspired by Shades of Kassie on Youtube.

For this week I chose some products I would really like to finish. So these products might show up again in other make-up baskets.

❤ Lipgloss: I received this lipgloss in a goodiebag. I never really used it, so this is the perfect opportunity!

❤ Nail polish: I have far to many red nail polishes. Therefore I decided to try and focus on some of these red nail polishes and finish them. However I have never actually finished a nail polish, have you?

❤ Blush: This blush is so old, I can't read the brand on the product nor can I remember it. It's really time for me to use it some more and finish it!

❤ Primer: Although I think I only need one primer, I actually have more than one primer. Hopefully I will finish some of my primers during Make Out 2013.

❤ Eyeliner: This navy blue eyeliner is almost finished. I can't even read the brand, because it is so tiny!

Lipliner: I love the lipliners from essence. However I don't like this colour on me, which is Satin Mauve. This lipliner will be used in combination with the dark red lipstick in my make-up basket.

F88 palette: I love this palette and I have been using it a lot for the past month. However I prefer working with smaller palettes, especially because I travel a lot. 

❤ Cream eyeshadows: These three cream eyeshadows are from elf and I really enjoy using them. The colours that I have are candle light, dawn and natural glow. I haven't used them in a long time and I want to use them up before they dry out.

Powder highlighter: I love wearing highlighter, especially cream highlighter. So I haven't used this highlighter in a while.

Perfume: I own a lot of perfume, because I wear it everyday.This week I will be wearing "Texures" from Zara. This is a very sweet and powdery scent.

Concealer: This Vichy concealer is really nice. I sometimes use this concealer without foundation, because the coverage is great.

Lipstick: I added two lipsticks to this weeks make-up basket. One natural colour and one bold colour. 

Let me know if you like these weekly make-up baskets! 
Also, if you would like me to change anything or have any tips for me, I would love to hear them!