dinsdag 11 december 2012

Project Pan: update

Hi ladies,
I wanted to give an update on my project pan progress, because I've been doing project pan for two months. This feels really good and I'm excited to finish more beauty products, especially since I want to downsize my collection and get rid of some of the "clutter".

I finished these products. I recently finished the elf blush in candid coral.
This is my fifth product, which means I'm half way!!
I chose these five products to replace the items I've finished. I mix the two foundations to get the perfect colour for my skin tone. So, I decided I'm not going to replace the powder blush for now.
These products are in project pan since the beginning. I've depotted the concealer, lipstick and primer. I'm really getting tired of using these products, therefore I would love to finish them a.s.a.p.!!!
Here's a picture of all the products that are currently in my project pan. I don't really mind doing project pan or empties, because it gives me so much positive energy. However, I am getting bit sick of using the same products, so I would love the finish those products that have been with me since the beginning of project pan! :)