zaterdag 1 december 2012

Holiday Countdown: Lush

Hi ladies,
the December holidays will be here before you know it, so I thought I would start a Holiday Countdown series! In these Holiday Countdown posts, I will write about anything concerning the Holidays.

Today I wanted to write about the Christmas collection of Lush. I absolutely love Lush. Thankfully, I have a Lush store around the corner, so I can sniff around regularly :)
Lush has a lot of products in their Christmas collection, so I would really recommend going to a Lush store and have a look (and sniff haha)! 

Here are some of my favourites :)

The first product I want to talk about is Snow Fairy. The scent of this shower gel is really sweet, because it smells like cotton candy and vanilla. There is some glitter in this product, but it sinks to the bottom of the bottle. So, I haven't had any glitter on me. 
I actually had to smell Snow Fairy a few times before I liked it, because the scent is so sweet! However, I really like it now. 

The only downside is that the scent lingers on your body for the rest of the day. 
I actually didn't realize this, until a friend of mine asked me what that incredibly sweet scent was... :)

Twilight is another shower gel and it smells like lavender. This makes this the perfect shower gel to use to relax and before going to bed! At first it was a bit weird for me to use it, because Twilight is a very dark shower gel. Apart from the herbal scent of lavender, it is a bit sweet too, and it has glitters as well! I like this combination a lot, however it is more lavender then sweet. So, for those who don't like lavender, I wouldn't recommend this shower gel.

The last one I wanted to talk about is Angels Delight. Even though this is a solid soap, this is my absolute favourite one! I actually chose a big gold chuck last year, which I'm still using. It doesn't have the usual winter or holiday scent, however its still a cosy and warm scent. Angels Delight smells like tangerine and oranges. Although it is fruity, it doesn't smell fresh. 

What kind of scent do you like to use during the winter months?