donderdag 13 december 2012

Holiday Countdown: Cute Holiday Sweaters

Hi ladies,
I love holiday sweaters, I just love them! I think cute sweaters with snowflakes, reindeers, penguins and Santa's are the perfect way to stay warm this season.
Here are some of my favourite cosy sweaters!

This beauty is from H&M. It is my absolute favourite! I love the pop of colour and the detail on the shoulders.

If you're not a fan of snowflakes and reindeers, this is the perfect alternative for you! The cute gold stars make this sweater perfect for the holidays. This sweater is from

This super cute penguin sweater is from Need I say more? :) 

I love the print on this sweater! It's so cute with the little flowers and hearts. However, I prefer my sweaters to be a little bit longer. This sweater is from

This sweater is similar to the sweater from H&M, but I just had to add it! This one is from as well.

The last one is from Asos Curve. I think the squirrels are adorable! You can find it on

Do you like these kinds of sweaters? Do you wear them during the winter and holiday season?