vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Purchase of the month: The Body Shop

Hi ladies,
this month The Body Shop gave a little member party. It was a lot a fun and I wanted to show what I bought that night.
Firstly I got a few body products. Now that it's getting warmer, I wanted to get my legs ready! I got a coconut cream scrub and a pink grapefruit body sorbet. Both smell amazing and I can't wait to start using both.
I also got a wild rose hand cream with spf 15. I always wear spf on my face, however I forget my hands. This tube will moisturise and help me protect them.
Then I got a vitamin E spray. I love using the vitamin C spray during the warmer months as a moisturiser, so I wanted to compare it to the vitamin E.

Lastly I got two make-up items. I heard so much about the eye shadow shimmer cubes, so I decided to purchase one in summer bronze as the name sounds perfect for this time of year!
Another make-up item I got for this season, is a BB cream. I prefer wearing lighter make-up when the weather is getting warmer.

What did you recently buy?

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