maandag 5 mei 2014

Photo Diary: King's Day

Hi ladies,
two weeks ago we celebrated King's Day, which is  celebrated on king Willem-Alexander's birthday. It's one of my favorite celebrations! It's his first year being a king, so it was his and our first King's Day.

During this day everybody is dressed in orange or the colors of our flag (red, white and blue) and decorate their house or hang the national flag.
There are little concerts, parties, markets and almost every town has a free market, which is like a huge garage sale in the city centre. The city we visited, had an orange fountain and planted flowers in orange, red, white and blue.
We finished the day with some pastry, called a tompoes. They are normally pink, but for King's Day they made them orange. You should try one when you get the chance!
How do you celebrate your country's National Day?