dinsdag 1 april 2014

Photo Diary: Weekend getaway @ Beach, the dunes and wild horses

Hi ladies,
a few weeks ago, J. and I went away for the weekend. We visited a little beach town, which has beautiful dunes. 
On the first day, we made a bike ride to a different town and we ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious!
The next day, we went for a walk through the dunes. It's so nice and peaceful and the landscape is gorgeous. We came across a few little bunnies while were walking. Aren't they adorable?
After walking a bit further we also ran into wild horses.These black beauties eat small plants and grass, so it doesn't overgrow and the dunes stay accessible. I love it how nature works, don't you?
We always really enjoy coming here, because it is so relaxing. However there is so much we can do here too! If you fancy seeing another Photo Diaries of us in this beach town, click here.
Where do you like to go to relax?

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