donderdag 10 april 2014

Quarterly Mascara's: 1st of 2014

Hi ladies,
After seeing Kristin Gehm's video Mascara Madness, I decided to start doing a similar blog post. Every quarter I will share the mascara's I have used during those three months. This way I throw out mascara's before they expire.
This past quarter I used Maybelline The Rocket and Sephora Lash Plumper.
 Maybelline The Rocket is a really populair mascara, however I didn't like it! This mascara smudged and was too wet. I do like the rubber wand and the result when I put this mascara on my lashes, once the mascara was a bit dried out.
The Sephora Lash plumper has a dry formula, which I liked a lot more. Unfortunately it was so dry it started flaking. This mascara did give me a lot of volume and I liked wearing it on its own, when I wanted thick lashes. Most days, I would pair these mascara's together for the best result, which was think and long lashes!

For the next quarter I will use the Clinique High Impact and the Gosh Serious Volume.  
What's your favourite mascara?

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