maandag 14 oktober 2013

Project Pan 2013: Products I want to use up

Hi ladies,
two weeks ago, I started another project pan 2013. I did a project pan 2012 around the same time last year and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was so much fun to finish some beauty products that I have neglected.
This year I want to do the same this year, however this time I want to use up even more products. Therefore I have decided to put 44 products in my project pan. This includes two 88 eye shadow palettes and a 12 eye shadow pallet, so in total that makes 229 items!
I won't be using these products all at the same time. So I will pick some pieces to focus on and that I will use in conjunction with my fall make-up basket. I'll give you an update soon on the products I have picked to start off with.

Have you ever done a project pan?
Wish me luck (I'll need it)!