woensdag 30 oktober 2013

Make-up Haul

Hi ladies,
A few weeks ago I discovered a small make-up outlet close to where I live. I got super excited and decided to get a few things. Also an American colleague of my father got two blushes for me from America, which I can't wait to start using!

Tarte isn't available where I live, so I'm really excited that I received two Amazonian Clay blushes. I got amused and natural beauty.

At the outlet I got three make-up items. I picked a Dior blush duo in Vintage pink. One side is a medium-dark pink with a little bit of peach. The other side is a peach with a little bit of pink and shimmer (similar to Nars orgasm).
I also got a little eye shadow duo from Clinique in Sunburst. One is a light champagne colour and the other is a light coppery orange, which will make my blue eyes pop. 
The last thing I got is a Clarins lipstick in Lilac Pink, which is a lilac, pale pink. This lipstick also gives a little shine to the lips. It is an easy to wear lipstick as it is a beautiful your lips but better colour. 

Do you have a make-up outlet near you?

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  1. That is a haul. Love Tarte cosmetics.

  2. Great haul!! We have a makeup outlet about an hour from us so we don't get there that often. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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