woensdag 21 augustus 2013

What's in my shower: summer 2013

Hi ladies,
although I haven't finished all my spring shower products, I wanted to change things up! So I stored the unfinished shower gels and replaced them with new delicious scents. 
The Rituals Summer Rains shower gel is my absolute favourite scent this season. I love how fresh and flower this shower gel is. This is the perfect product for those relaxing and refreshing showers we all need during the hot summer months!
The next shower gel is also quite fresh, a little more floral and sweet. The scent of L'Occitane Cherry Blossom is just lovely.
The last shower gel I will be using is Papaya from The Body Shop. Like all Body Shop scents, it smells exactly like is says on the bottle. I picked this scent, because it is a little more tropical and warm. Therefore it is great to switch it up with the fresher scents. The papaya scent, along with blueberry, raspberry and passion fruit, are temporarily available. 
The last product I wanted to include is the coconut shimmer body butter from The Body Shop. I thought this would look beautiful on my legs and arms.

I would love the know what you like to change up in your routines during the warmer months!

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