maandag 5 augustus 2013

August wish list

Hi ladies,
Since finishing project pan, I like to make little wish lists every month. My wish lists are always a little mix of fashion and beauty, as they are two of my favourite things!
August wish list

1. Hugo Boss came out with a new perfume called Jour pour Femme and I love it! It is very fresh, floral and delicate. I would like to finish a perfume bottle before I'm going to buy it. However it is already on my wish list.
2. I have been eyeing the LL Bean boat bag for a while now. I already have several boat bags from Ralph Lauren and I love using them, especially during the summer. 
3. Bubble necklaces are such a classic and fun piece to have. I'm thinking about ordering one in grey or white, as they are versatile colours. 
4. I know that Jack Rogers sandals aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I think they are so cute. I especially love this pair.
5. I love switching up my showergel scents during the different seasons and I love this limited edition scent by The Body Shop in papaya. Can't wait to get and use it.
6. I've recently been into using powders instead of foundation. So when I do use foundation if I want more coverage, this Nars setting powder would be perfect to set it.
What is on your wish list this month?

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