maandag 3 juni 2013

What's in my shower Spring: The Body Shop, L'Occitane,...

Hi ladies,
I finally finished the last product of my winter body care. So I decided to switch it up!

❤ Shower gels:
I'm going to be using three shower gels. The first one is the Strawberry shower gel by The Body Shop. This product has a very sweet and berry scent. Therefore, I chose two other shower gels that are less sweet. The other shower gel that I'm going to use is also by The Body Shop. This one is Pink Grapefruit. This shower gel has a fresh and citrus scent. The last shower gel is one from a store called De Tuinen, which is a health and nature store in the Netherlands. The scent I'm using is Bomboo and I love it! It has a fresh and floral scent. Who knew that bamboo smells so nice?

❤ Body Scrub:

The body scrub I'm going to use is another product by The Body Shop, which is called Moringa. I think this is one of my favourite scents by The Body Shop! It is such a nice floral scent and the texture is very creamy. This is great, because it doesn't dry out my skin.

❤ Body Lotions

The first body lotion I will be using is by Marc Jacobs. This Eau So Frech body lotion is from the Daisy line and has a light, fresh and floral scent. The other body lotion I'm going to use is by L' Occitane en Provence in the scent Cherry Blossom. This body lotion has less perfume then the one by Marc Jacobs. So, it has a light scent, which is floral and fruity and the texture is very rich.

I would love to hear what you love to use during this season!
Have a nice week :)