maandag 10 juni 2013

May Empties

Hi ladies,
today I'm excited to share my empties with you! As some of you may know, I'm trying to finish a lot of my beauty items that I don't enjoy using any more. This doesn't mean they are bad products.
This month I decided to go through my eye liners and see if some are dried out. I only had to throw out 2, so that isn't too bad. I think I'm going to continue to go through my make-up collection and take out any products that don't work for me any more. So next month I'll probably have a lot more products in my empties! 

This month I actually finished:
❤ La Roche-Posay SPF 20. I used this product everyday as a daily moisturiser and I think this is one of my favourite sunscreens.
❤ Australian Creams. I got this in Target while I was on vacation in Australia. I love this cream, because the scent reminds me so much of my vacation!
❤ Waterproof Mascara. I got a waterproof mascara, because I thought I would hold better. However this one smudges like crazy. Do all waterproof mascara's do that?
❤ Drugstore Store Brand Deodorant. I don't like spending a lot of money on deodorant, however I don't want to smell bad. This one fulfils both wishes :)
❤ Drugstore Store Brand Make-up Wipes.
❤ Normaderm Concealer stick. This concealer works great at covering the blemish and at curing the skin.
❤ Essence cream Blush.
❤ Catrice eye liner.
❤ 2 x dried out eye liners.
❤ Katy Perry Per Perfume. I did enjoy the scent of this perfume, however I wouldn't repurchase it.
It feels amazing finishing these products and slowly getting the make-up collection I want! What is the last beauty item you finished? 
Happy Monday :)