donderdag 14 februari 2013

Monthly Make-Up Basket: February

Hi ladies,
Since I started another project pan, I have decided to do my make-up baskets monthly. So, here's my make-up basket for this month!

❤ Perfume Katy Perry - Purr
❤ Essence Fruity Collection Blush souflé, 2 Eyeshadow soufflés
❤ Rituals lipgloss in Eve's kiss
❤ Catrice mascara in Glamour Doll
❤ Essence Nailpolish in 05-sweet as candy
❤ Clinique Foundation Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-up
❤ Becca radiance primer
❤ Urban Decay lush lash system
❤ The Body Shop liquid eyeliner in brown
Catrice Illuminating Base

Í really enjoy doing make-up baskets, hope you like them too!


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