vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Purchase of the month: Chantecaille The Wild Horses Palette

Hi ladies,
Chantecaille is one of those brands I never had heard of until I started reading beauty blogs. Immediately I was intrigued by this high-end beauty brand. I never purchased anything, until I heard about the Wild Horses palette.
After Christmas, J. and I went on vacation in London. So I had decided to purchase it there, instead of ordering it online. I thought it would be a lot more fun to get it in person and having this palette as a "souvenir" of this city trip. However it was sold out everywhere!
Back home I ordered it and I'm so happy I finally did. The palette is gorgeous and contains beautiful everyday neutrals. It has a matte cream highlight (Palomino), a matte peachy-pink blush (Freedom), a shimmery bronze all over the lid color (Mustang) and a matte black eyeliner (Black Stallion). All colors are really pigmented and butter soft.
I dusted most of the shimmer overlay off, so you would be able to see the actual colors. 

Apart from the lovely colors this palette contains, I'm happy to contribute to a good cause, that is protecting the wild horses in the United States.

Did you purchase anything this month?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love horse pictures and I will have to check out that makeup, love how it looks!


  2. Gorgeous palette!! We haven't tried Chantecaille yet but we'd like too!! Happy Friday!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I love it! Didnt know the brand yet. Already checked out their website and made a wishlist!

  4. Oh how cool with the horse print :-) I don't think I know this brand.

  5. That palette looks beautiful - I love the bronze!


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