vrijdag 31 januari 2014

January empties

Hi ladies,
this month just flew by, didn't it? Although I already shared what I have finished from my project pan 2013 in my round up, I wanted to

The Embryolisse Lait-Crème is one of my skincare staples and I always have at least one tube. I use this as a day cream and as a primer. I also use this cream when my skin is very sensitive or dry.
I also finished a perfume. The Body Shop Dreams Inc is very fresh, but it does has some depth to it. I already repurched the eau de toilette, because J. loves this scent too.
Another product by The Body Shop I have finished is Aloe Calming Toner, which is a great toner with few ingredients. So if you are looking for a simple toner, this could be one to try. 

While I was in London, I finished some samples. I used the Clarins Crème Desalterante, which is a hydrating and rich cream, yet it didn't feel to heavy on the skin. I'm actually considering purchasing a full size.
I used the L'oréal Everpure shampoo. This shampoo was fine, but I wouldn't buy it, because my hair needs more moisture. 
The last sample I used is the Vichy Life Serum Idéalia. This was very hydrating too and gave my skin a lovely glow. I would consider purchasing the full size.

Did you finish a lot this month?