woensdag 3 juli 2013

June Empties

Hi ladies,
It is time for my empties again! I always love sharing what I finished in a month, but this month I didn't finish that much. So, I decided to go trough my make-up collection and clean out products of poor quality.
If you know me, you will know I love store brand shampoo, make-up wipes and conditioner. However, I have noticed my hair is really dry and less shiny. This made me think about my overall bodycare, manicures, pedicures, etc. And I have decided to take better care of my body. 
For example, I don't want to use make-up wipes on a regular basis. This is a super easy way to take off any make-up, however these aren't good for the skin. 
Step by step, I want to change up my face, body and hair care routines.

I finished  a drugstore brand shampoo, make-up wipes, eye make-up wipes and a leave-in conditioner.
I also finished my Clinique foundation, which is my favourite foundation of the moment.
It's matt, it has a full coverage and it doesn't melt of when it's hot.
I finished two lip products this month. A Lush lip tint in latte and a Rituals lip gloss. Both I loved, but I will not repurchase these.
These are the products I'm getting rid off. The Revlon Colorstay eye shadows don't have a lot of pigment. The elf cream eye shadows are dry and chunky. The three cheek products don't work well, because they don't have an even application.
What do you think of my little plan?
Do you prefer drugstore brands or more high end brands?

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  1. We prefer a mix of both. And we agree that if you don't like certain products then go ahead and get rid of them. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. wow , this is perfection for sure ,,, all looks great together

    Come see this weeks guest post , you will love her


  3. Cool post! I like to mix both high end and drugstore but mostly I buy drugstore because it's what I can afford :)


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