maandag 2 december 2013

November favourites

Hi ladies,
Happy December! I'm really excited for this month as I have so many fun things to look forward to. I love celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Also, J. and I are going to London for a long weekend to see all of the beautiful Christmas decorations in the city. I can't wait!

Although this isn't a typical fall and winter scent, I have been using The Body Shop shower gel in Papaya. I love the tropical papaya scent and I think it is such a nice scent to wake up with in the shower.

A lot of nail brands have come out with their version of a gel nail polish. I got the Dior Gel Coat, because Dior has one of the best nail polish formula's. I only use this topcoat when I wear more natural colours, because I'm scared darker colours will stain the topcoat. I just love how it makes my nails look. This gel coat gives my nails a really shiny and thick look. Also, my manicure lasts longer when I apply it. 

The Clarins lip glosses are my absolute favourite lip glosses. They give a slight tint to the lips, make them look fuller and are really nourishing. I actually got a few more colours, which I will show in a haul soon!

Another Clarins product I have been loving is the Cleansing cream, which I showed in a recent haul. In that haul I got two cleansing products: the cleansing cream and the cleansing milk. I enjoy using both, however the cleansing cream feels very luxurious. So I use the cream on 'special' days! 

The last product I wanted to mention was a gift from J. He got me the Hugo Boss perfume in Jour this summer. I adore wearing it, because it makes me feel very feminine and sophisticated. It is a soft floral scent, so if you are sensitive to heavy scents, this might be a great one for you!

What are your favourites?

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