woensdag 4 september 2013

September Wish List

Hi ladies,
every month I love making little wish lists and sharing them with you. I also love looking back at these, as they are a little lists of what was on my mind!
September Wish List

1. I've been really into skin care lately and I really like the Clarins brand. I've already bought a few bits, but I'm curious to try more things.
2. This past few months I've been obsessed with boat shoes! I loved the bright printed boat shoes from Old Navy, but unfortunately there isn't an Old Navy in Europe. So I'm thinking about getting a classic brown pair.
3. While I was road tripping in Norway, I didn't bring any nail polish. Since I got back I really need to get used to coloured nail polish again. So I've been loving light pinks and I think this Essie polish in Mademoiselle would be the perfect colour and don't you just love the name?
4. I think this gel nail polish by Dior would be beautiful on top of my "natural" manicure.
5. I've been eyeing a monogram necklace for years! I was never sure about which metal I needed to get. What is your favourite metal?
What I your favourite skin care item?