woensdag 15 mei 2013

Empties: April

Hi ladies,
I finished 12 items this month and 6 of them are make-up product. I'm excited about that, since I'm trying to finish a lot of make-up.
This time I used a white background. I think I prefer this to the wooden background I had before. Which one do you prefer?
❤ Leave-in conditioner
❤ Day Cream
❤ Gosh Volume Lip Shine in Raspberry Galore

I love the colour of this bright pink lipgloss, however the formula is super sticky. So I wouldn't repurchase it.
❤ 2 x make-up wipes
❤ Lipgloss
❤ Essence Pure Skin 2 in 1 Anti-Spot Cover stick

The lasting power of this stick is quite short and I only used one of the two sides. The side I didn't use is bright green! It didn't neutralise red spots, it just made it look green..!
❤ Gosh Velvet Touch Line Perfecter

I really enjoyed using this primer. This primer works well and isn't greasy. I wouldn't repurchase it for now, because I have a lot of other primers to finish.
❤ Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Foundation
❤ The Body Shop Loose Face Powder

I would definitely repurchase this powder. I used this to set my foundation and I also used it on its own.
❤ Nivea 2 in 1 Milk and Toner

I wouldn't repurchase this beauty product. There is a lot of perfume in this product, which I don't like. Also I like something with less ingredients.
❤ Deodorant

I love finishing products, especially make-up. 
It gives me a feeling of accomplishment, is that silly?
Hope you are having a wonderful week!