maandag 8 april 2013

Make-Up Haul: Sephora, Urban Decay, Wet N Wild, Essie...

Hi ladies,
I've been shopping a little and I wanted to share what I got. This is my first time sharing my recent purchases, so I hope you like it!

❤ Burt's Bees
To be honest, I got these Tinted Lip Balms because the packaging looked cute. You can see that packaging on the picture. However, when you open the packaging, there's a normal lip balm inside. So, I was a little bit disappointed, but the colour is still beautiful. 

Wet 'n Wild
I finally found an online seller. I was so excited, so I ordered 3 palettes of the Color Icon collection. The colours I picked are greed, walking on eggshells and silent treatment. Unfortunately, two eye shadows broke. So, I depoted one shadow from the silent treatment to walking on eggshells. 

Since all the Sephora stores in the Netherlands are closing their doors, all of the Sephora brand make-up is 5 euros a piece. So I got 2 highlighting powders, one in pink and one in golden. I got 2 clear lip glosses and I got one concealer. 

Urban Decay
I love Naked, so I finally decided to get the Naked 2. Especially since Urban Decay will no longer be available soon!

❤ Essie

Although I forgot to put the nail polish in the picture, I also got an Essie nail polish. I wanted a light lilac colour and I think Go Ginza is the perfect choice. I've been wearing it so much!

I totally broke my Make-Out 2013 contract, so I'm still debating on what I should do! Let me know what you think I should do and what you got recently, so I won't feel as bad ;)