vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Project pan / Make-up diet: the beginning

Hi ladies! 
NYCGeorgette on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/user/NYCGeorgette ) recently started a project 10 pan and she inspired me to do one as well! I wanted to downsize my make-up collection for a while and a project 10 pan is a perfect way to start. 

These are the make-up products that are in my project 10 pan. I will use these items daily and I'm not allowed to buy any new make-up until all of the 10 items are finished. These are my rules for this project, however everybody can chose their own! 
The first item is this Bourjois foundation (I took the sticker off, because it was so dirty). I bought this foundation while I was living in Madrid, Spain. Now this foundation is too dark for me and I haven't used it since! 
I really like this Rimmel concealer. However, I haven't used it for months, because I had already bought a new one. I know it looks ridiculous, because it is almost finished!
This is an e.l.f. blush in candid coral. I bought this blush a year ago and I didn't love it. 

This Bodyshop lipstick is another ridiculous one... it will be easy to finish this lipstick, because I love the color. 

I never really use primer, however I have 4 other primers waiting to be used after this one!
I used to love gel eyeliner. Now I prefer a pencil. 
This e.l.f. lipbalm was used on my holiday in Spain. This lipbalm has spf 8 to protect my lips from the sun. Since I got back, I haven't used the lipbalm.
I really need to finish this mascara, because I have a few other mascara's waiting. 
I have had this lipgloss for ever (it used to be clear...). I want to finish it before it goes bad.
The Posie Tint from Benefit is really nice. However, the packaging looks horrible now. 

I am super excited to start this project 10 pan with you guys and I can't wait to share my progress with you. Let me know if you are starting a project 10 pan as well! Maybe we can support each other ;)